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Relative evils

Submitted by John Coelho, Nov 20, 2016 21:21

The Democrats have wallowed in pc nonsense about Islamism but in every other sense Trump may be spelling the doom of our democracy. The only issue he has any clarity on, Islamism, is not a good reason to support a mendacious corrupt buffoon with fascist tendencies who glories in ignorance.

A consistent liberalism, shorn of cultural relativism and identity politics, would be more than able to deal with the Islamist threat as it dealt with fascism in the forties under Rossevelt.

There is a yin and a yang to countering Islamism. The yin approach draws reasonable Muslims towards us,. The yang approach draws a line against Muslims who don't accept our constitution and try to undermine it.

Would Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Nonie Darwish have left Islam and become prominent critics of it if they had been confronted by nothing but hostility and suspicion when they came to the West?

If the immigration laws are changed so that immigrants are on probation and can be more easily deported if they show signs of extremism, if excessive procreation counts as a mark against them so they can't breed their way into majority status, if we concentrate on religious minorities as candidates for acceptance, if we stop buying Middle Eastern oil and thereby funding terrorism, if we support liberal reformers in the Muslim world and Islamic apostates and reformers at home, we would do much better than supporting this bull in the china shop.

We need a counter narrative and and a counter agenda to Islamists who come here with the idea of out breeding the kaffir, intimidating him and acquiring more and more power. iIt would be the narrative of human dignity, freedom of thought, conscience and expression. The temptations of agency should be used to pull young Muslims away from reactionary theocratic life style. There should be open arms for them


Angry Muslims

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, May 23, 2016 09:38

Angry Muslims practice Terror. They do this because that is the message of the Koran. Even if the West submits, as it is doing, there will be no cessation in compulsive acting out by angry Muslims.


Faux newiless failes again

May 23, 2016 00:07

This clown has missed the point. So much has changed and he states its all about Drumptf. The Foolish red-neck racist who support him are so filled with hatred that they will eat this shut.


Killary is Desperate!

Submitted by Maxine Simon, May 22, 2016 22:39

This woman is Americas Number one Enemy as far as I am Concerned. She will stop at nothing! Blame needs to be put where it belongs. OBAMA, CLINTON'S, ELITES. Sick of these Corrupt Politicians with Power has gone to their head. So willing to Sell out Americans for their Own Greed, Corruption and Life Style! America can see right through her. She has NO SHAME. Thank God for America Donald Trump is a True American, Level Headed and has the interest of the People. He is so correct stating she is Weak and American is in Big Trouble if she is Elected.


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