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Save the Copts

Submitted by Siobhan O., Aug 17, 2013 14:52

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists are slaughtering Coptic Christians, torturing them, kidnapping them, burning down their homes, their churches and their monasteries. The USA continues to quietly support the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists.

When will the Christians in the USA wake up and stand with the Coptic Christians of Egypt? Will Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans and others step up and demand the US. government stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda? Will they demand that their American government come to the defence of the Christians of Egypt which include Coptic Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican Christians? Or is the Christian Church in the USA just a navel gazing money making venture yoked to the export of U.S. foreign policy?


The 1,400-year-old Pattern

Submitted by Robert J.K., Aug 17, 2013 08:02

Today's destruction of Christian Churches and Muslim Brotherhood's liquidation of innocent Christian children in Egypt is the modern Islamic pattern for all those who've ever wondered why the ancient and peaceful CHRISTIAN NATIONS of Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc. have become Islamic hellholes today. It's called: "Erase the Kafirs" from the world. Welcome to the Peaceful Religion of Islam. Christianity was 600-years-old in these wonderfully peaceful countries, until Islam's prophet called for a brutal way to create Islamic hegemony worldwide.


Stability and the Egyptian Military

Submitted by SBPiper, Aug 14, 2013 21:09

Somehow I find it difficult to gin up any sympathy for dead salafists. The Egyptian military is merely doing what has now become necessary to restore order after 2 years of chaos. I predicted this would happen when the Mubarak regime was forced from power and so it has. A liberal democracy virtually anywhere in the middle east outside of Israel has always been something of a chimera. With luck, the generals will hold on to the reins of power until such time that the military can safely return to their barracks: 20 or 30 years sounds about right. :-)


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