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Will History Repeat Itself

Submitted by Doc250, Aug 23, 2012 18:41

Hitler declared that Germany's problem was the Jews. First, they needed to be isolated. Then they needed to be annihilated. Then, German peoples, in other countries, needed to live under German law. Then World Ward 2, resulting in millions of deaths. For Hitler, substitute radical Muslim ....


ANSWER and Madea Benjamin

Submitted by Mike 71, Aug 23, 2012 00:04

This "hatefest," in addition to being sponsored by the Iranian regime, is also supported by the American ultra-left, including the ANSWER Coalition and Madea Benjamin of "Code Pink." ANSWER is a Marxist organization, whose initials should accurately stand for "Anti-Semitic, Neo-Stalinist, Sectarians, Waging, Eradication of, Reason." Madea (real name Susan) Benjamin, founder of "Code Pink (Truth in advertising: a real genuine "PINKO" organization)," is a typical leftist "self-hating Jew," who has no scruples against betraying her people and country, if it advances the Ayatollah's agenda. She is one of those whom Lenin accurately described as "useful idiots." Certainly, Israel has its problems and is not perfect, but try opening a Sufi Mosque, a Catholic Church, or a Synagogue in Iran. You can't do any of those in Iran, but you can do all of them in Israel!


New Religion in the West

Submitted by Allan, Aug 21, 2012 14:28

There is a new religion (disease) in the West called "Political Correctness". This religion is almost always fatal especially when it comes to Islamists because this religion (disease) is an "enabler". It enables Islamists to come to Western countries, (perhaps infiltrate is a better word) and use our laws against us (freedom of speach) while the adherants of the political correct religion are too afraid to speak up for fear of hurting someone's feelings. The West has never before been in more danger than it is now because of this political correct religion.


Time Marches ON.

Submitted by Charlie Griffith, Aug 21, 2012 11:12

This octogenarian Native Washingtonian is sickened at the image of that famous statue at Dupont Circle being the backdrop behind those Muslim banners and those ranting Muslim agitators.

Not during the Cold War days did we see public park demonstrations in favor of Soviet infiltration and subversion.

Such demonstrations by any Japanese in Washington after their sneak aerial attack on Hawaii would've been unthinkable.

So, why now, during our war against encroaching, infiltrating Muslims do we see Muslims using our local District of Columbia landmark as a stage? .....against us? .....because we Americans in our lethal political correctness fail to admit to ourselves that we are indeed at war with Muslims and their Islam, and have been in a shooting war against these Muslims for a decade now, after their own sneak aerial attacks against New York and Washington.

These Muslims repeatedly declare their war against us Americans as the Great Satan. Why can't we wake up and take them at their word?


If they hate America they're free to leave

Submitted by luchadora41, Aug 21, 2012 11:00

Those who bless Israel God will bless, and those who curse Israel God will curse. It's apparent to me that their hatred of Israel and America causes them to say what they say, but they need to get their facts straight. It's not "Al Quds," it's Jerusalem, and it's the capital of Israel, not "Palestine." Such hatred of Israel reminds me of satan's original hatred of God, and the Bible is clear about what will happen to those who curse His land. As for their hatred of America, what are they doing here? They are more than welcome to leave.


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