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INSPIRE may not be real

Submitted by Bob, Sep 3, 2010 14:11

The latest publication INSPIRE fails on many points. First, in a design sense it does not resemble Samir Khan's previous RECOLLECTIONS publications. It is far superior and shows a good bit of "investment" in terms of its construction. Second, it fails from a salafi viewpoint in that certain parts of it seem to be an insult to islam rather than a by-product: for instance the bomb in your mom's kitchen or the redefinition of the word harrid are two simple points that no salafi would be able to articulate, due to their strong adherence to islam. Remember the evil that extremists display has a madness all its own. INSPIRE is so westernized that it must have been created by someone who hates islam, not loves islam. Before getting too excited about a Yemeni focus, we should all take a deep breath and examine how guys from North Carolina, New Mexico, Connecticut, Nigeria, and Texas are all coming together to motivate the US electorate to favor funding of a war in Yemen. We may be heading toward a comedy of errors here if we ignore the 3-way civil war and inherent corruption in Yemen. As more third world leaders see the chase for Alqaeda as a cash cow for themselves and their families, we may be chasing alqaeda till the end of time!


Tell it Like it Is

Submitted by Terrence C. Breidenbach, Jul 29, 2010 19:31

Honor Killings are Honor Killings. Let not the Western World be "clubbed into euphimisms" Like "Domestic Disagreements" or other less truthful terms. Those terms constitute a "foot in the door" against Western Law practices and precedence.

Moderate Muslims are terrorized by the fundamentalists and are reluctant to speak against their beliefs.


Recruiting moderates

Submitted by Chi-spidey, Jul 21, 2010 10:07

The materials presented in the magazine certainly reach out to more extreme activism, and the alluring methodology strikes much simlarity to that written in the book "The Islamist". Radical Islam seems to provide a path for young muslim moderates to engage at a University level where energy needs to be channeled and suspect nobel causes can be exploited. The end game can elevate a young moderate to rebel against the family and friends and reach out to a higher cause that is bent on a single idealogy that supports any means of violence and destruction to achieve martyrdom. All this driven and based on zero tolerance for others beliefs, irrespective of humane and just ways of respecting human life. In the aforementioned book, the central figure got out of the extremist movement before it was too late, and the real agenda was fully exposed.


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