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Guys u r crazy

Submitted by just a man, Jun 3, 2012 03:19

One day we'll destroy everything with political correctness. I'm not from US but I'm watching it and getting really upset. Can you imagine that there is some countries "democratic" countries that won't banned nazi symbols because the lawyers said that this is encroachment on freedom speech!?

American young soldiers dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan and you let them speak. Crazy....


Staand for America

Submitted by Elsie, May 29, 2012 14:17

This kind of speeches should be banned from all universitys. Yes there is Freedom of Speech but there is also terrorism and traders in oour mists. If your living in our country then creating terrorists is being a trader. Send them back where they came from!


UCI Hate week

Submitted by gary fouse, May 23, 2012 16:11

Just as bad as Ali were the comments of 4 of the so-called Irvine 11, who proudly stated that if Amb Oren returned to UCI, they would be there to disrupt him again. They only care about their own free speech and nothing for those they disagree with. Ironically, they all spoke without disruption.


UCI won't get a dime from me

Submitted by Anna Nonymous, May 20, 2012 13:56

When my alma mater calls for donations, I recall their antisemitic activities and tell them I won't give a dime to them.



Submitted by InRussetShadows, May 19, 2012 17:23

The US spends more money, per pupil, than every country in the world Finland (see: http://reason.com/archives/2011/02/22/losing-the-brains-race). So it's not money alone that's the cure.

Why does this group even have the money to bring this crazy dude to their campus? Because of American spending on education.

Maybe it's time to be a little bit more careful how and where we spend money.


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Guys u r crazy [62 words]

just a man 

Jun 3, 2012 03:19

Staand for America [46 words]


May 29, 2012 14:17

UCI Hate week [54 words]

gary fouse 

May 23, 2012 16:11

UCI won't get a dime from me [22 words]

Anna Nonymous 

May 20, 2012 13:56

Actually... [62 words]


May 19, 2012 17:23

Stupidity at it's finest [72 words]


May 18, 2012 21:43

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