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Omar Mateen Was Gay

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, Jun 15, 2016 08:11

further to my earlier post today:

Daily Telegraph UK


Genital guilt seems to be a feature of Muslimism; Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Nigeria, Brunei etc all have death penalty for gays. Islam and Muslims generally , not just gay Muslims, feel guilty about their sexuality. Genital guilt is a feature of the Abrahamic religions.


Ideology, Propaganda and Psychology

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, Jun 15, 2016 00:45

" You don't even have to travel or train - - - you can be inspired by video online and turn into Omar Mateen."

Well no, I couldn't. I would have to be from a Muslim family and believe the utter BS of the Koran before I would be open to the Terror propaganda of other angry Muslims . I would have to be set up by developing an angry personality where religious belief becomes a means of coping with negative early relationships (strict rules, totally dominating father etc) and where religion has a very strong EMOTIONAL connection for me.

"We have not figured out a way to defeat the ideology". No, YOU have not. But I'm glad you mentioned it because at least you might now be open to taking the time to look at the psychological connection between the nuclear Muslim family, the teachings of the Koran and Hadith, angry adults whose beliefs justify murder and how to use what you learn to develop effective counter propaganda methods. Understanding the psychology of the Religious Personality Disordered person would be the first step.

Some years ago in the UK there was a pub bombing in a gay pub. During the trial of the non Muslim perpetrator it was reported that psychologists found he was actually gay. His family /peers judged gays harshly. His resulting guilt was denied and he projected that onto others who were gay. Like Omar Mateen's father, was his father a rules and obedience freak? I'd like to try and disprove my theories that Islam unwittingly conditions the young to develop Religious Personality Disorder and that denying their homosexuality is a prime cause of unconscious fury controlling their behaviour. I have not the resources for this, but I know how to go about it and that is extremely frustrating for me.

If you really want to figure out a way to "defeat the ideology" then you would have to undertake this research. Without psychological understanding you could not effectively challenge the Koran. You would not be able to challenge the Koran without by the same token, criticising the Bible and all religion.

Do you have the courage to do what is necessary for survival?


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