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Margaret, Your statement

Submitted by SuperDave2, Apr 27, 2014 10:57

Margaret, you said above, "holding my baby girl hostage in Saudi Arabia", Would you care to elaborate & tell us what's going on?


Epidemic Myopia

Submitted by Marshalldoc, Apr 23, 2014 21:57

It's truly amazing to see so large a flock of myopic parrots all squawking the same squawk, fed directly by the Israel Lobby & the Likud. I'll bet y'all even have your menstrual periods synchronized.

No reason to make a reasoned reply to any one of you... it'd be like casting one's pearls before bricks.


CAIR has shown its colors over the years

Apr 23, 2014 19:17

CAIR has always demonized the USA. All the evidence shows that CAIR was born out of the Palestine Committee, a Muslim Brotherhood organization created to front for Hamas. The FBI has never resolved CAIR's relationship with either Hamas or Hizbollah. CAIR revers a mass-murdering child-rapist.


it's not "phobia" if..

Submitted by Danielle, Apr 19, 2014 00:32

It's not "-----ophobia" when the SAY they want to kill you.

If your belief system directs how YOU should live, it's a religion, and rightly deserves religiously-privileged protection.

If it directs you how OTHERS should live, it's political, and deserves no such protection.

When Violent Religious Bigots a) revere a mass-murdering child-rapist, b) threaten violence to non-believers, and then c) apply violence to non-believers, then they have no claim to religious protectections and deserve--and should expect--to be treated as dangerous pests.


CAIR and Hizbollah

Apr 18, 2014 22:05

The questions by Megyn Kelley reminded me that a few months ago, the Oklahoma chapter of CAIR tried to stifle a law-enforcement seminar designed to educate officers about Hizbollah's international criminal activities, including in the United States. CAIR made the usual publicity splash, accusing the organizers and sponsors of being "Islamophobes." Yet at the time, Hizbollah was killing Muslims in Syria and continues to do so, which makes the "Islamophobia" accusation doubly absurd. The journalist involved never questioned CAIR's accusations but helped to promulgate the absurdities.


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Margaret, Your statement [23 words]


Apr 27, 2014 10:57

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Apr 23, 2014 21:57

CAIR has shown its colors over the years [45 words]


Apr 23, 2014 19:17

it's not "phobia" if.. [81 words]


Apr 19, 2014 00:32

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Apr 18, 2014 22:05

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Margaret McClain 

Apr 18, 2014 21:43

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