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We need to have a different view.

Jun 22, 2009 00:03

The way we view this shouldn't be "If terrorists from canada were launching rocekts into the US"

The reality would be: If mexicans invaded the southern United States, including parts of texas and califronia, under claims that they have the right to that land as their ancestors lived there, the US would undoubtedly resist with an infinitely greater military response than what hamas has been doing in Israel.

Before Israel, there were people, BOTH Jewish and Muslim, all living together. The problems (in our modern times) did not start until the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948.


Media Coverage of Israel and Hamas

Submitted by Lee S, Jan 15, 2009 13:10

If Canadians from Cornwall were launching rockets across the St Lawrence and hitting Massena, NY, how many hours would pass before the American Army would be at the steps of the Peace Tower in Ottawa. Less than 48 hours I wager.

But this argument for self defense is so fundamental to the issue regarding Israel and Gaza that it is seen as simplistic, trite and even laughable by our betters in the media.

What part of "ten thousand rockets since 2005" do they not understand? What standard applied to the defense of America should not be applied to tiny Israel who is surrounded by fanatical hate-filled enemies. At what point in our self destructive post modern liberal society do we look truth square in the teeth and call it for what it is and commit to acting according to that truth. I am afraid we are receding further from that truth and snuggling up to fairy tales and day dreams in the face of real threats.

Despite all the varying opinions out there and the broad range of discussion on the grave issues we face, media malpractice is the number one obstacle in discovering that truth .


Loving poeple do not tollerate terror

Submitted by ASH, Jan 14, 2009 07:00

Loving people, do not tollerate aggression. International laws should be modified to reflect this idea.

One of many critical issues that humanity faces in this millenium, is the value of equality of humans. It is suggested here that international law and community, should ban those philosophis (religion or anything else) that nullify and opposes equality.

Those who love human beings cannot tolerate terror. There are many values that oppose and contradict each other, and it is vital to find ways to settle the differences by negotiation, without resorting to offensive and aggressive acts.

Those who rage war against the idea of equality, should be considered as criminals. Men and women, whites and coloured, Moslems, Jews, Christians and others, should be respected, and granted the same (equal) rights.

Those who see their "legitimate right" to impose inequality, are criminals, and should be punished by law, be it religious leaders, philosophers, or rulers of right or left.

Human love, and morality based on equality, are vital for the survival of human race, in this century that, one (atomic, chemical, biological) bomb alone, in the hands of totalitarian groups, can wipe out large cities, kill and injure millions of people, and destroy the remaining natural resources (land, water, air, oil, etc,) that are getting so scares by the moment.

Loving humans, who care about peace and security of all men, might need to re-think the limits of the most important values such as the "right of free speech", to make sure that under those wonderful values, the safety and the dignity of innocent people, are not violated, and the value of equality is not jeopardized.

International laws must be modified and prepared now, before it is too late.




Does Israel bear some of the blame?

Submitted by Alan Nichols, Jan 11, 2009 21:48

I support Israel's right to defend itself completely, but I just came across this http://www.btselem.org/English/Gaza_Strip/ on an Israeli human rights web site that alleges Israel has committed some egregious violations against the Gaza civilians. I agree getting rocket fire from Hamas needs to stop, but If these allegations are true, don't the Palestinian civilians have some justification for their anger. I welcome responses.


Israel has every right

Submitted by Donna, Jan 9, 2009 17:52

Israel has every right to do what they are doing.....once again the media takes the WRONG side, as does the idiot Alan. They try to make us feel sorry for the Palistians by showing the injured and killed. No one wants the innocent in harms way......but Hamas has put them there, not Israel. Hamas is the reason, and the cause of this conflict, this war. I absolutely hate our media today............they are always trying to make things worse, to twist things around and they are always on the wrong side of the fence..........they are helping to destroy this country. I am so glad that Steve Emerson speaks out as he does. And today we have Hamas lovers, Israel haters, right here in our own country, allowed to take to the steets with their faces covered like they are in Gaza. What the hell is wrong with this country that we would allow that............that's not freedon of speech............that is destroying our country from the inside out. Israel deserves our support and our prayers for their safety. They have no choice but to defend themselves. Hamas is in their glory tho, they love what is happening, they aren't going to stop...........someone, somehow, needs to stop this, and no one else but Israel can and will do it. God help them.


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We need to have a different view. [98 words]


Jun 22, 2009 00:03

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Lee S 

Jan 15, 2009 13:10

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Jan 14, 2009 07:00

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Alan Nichols 

Jan 11, 2009 21:48

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Jan 9, 2009 17:52

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Delia Welch 

Jan 9, 2009 17:49

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