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Muslims in Israel and the USA to promote their own agenda

May 4, 2015 22:26

None of us need this kind of evil going on in their country! Israel is about the size of New Jersey, USA, which is quite small. Please everyone tell their families and friends to be watchful and street smart to know what is going on around you at all times. We need to stop these people when they come to our country to harm our friends and neighbors. Read what happened in Garland, Texas because we had police, FBI, and ATF at an event over the weekend. Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim groups are out to take over our country from the inside-out. Please be vigilant!



May 3, 2015 15:45

Hope the IDF knows about the tunnels in Vietnam war . using infrared film in aircraft , they could spot the tunnel from the air . then pump acyalene into them aflame and implosion


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