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Those that "Get It" and those that don't

Submitted by Civilus Defendus, May 26, 2009 20:32

It is not difficult to discover the islamic ideological foundation to terrorism (read jihad). Eight years after 9-11, and 10 to 20+ years after other 'terrorist' attacks, our "leaders" remain largely ignorant that what motivates jihad the action and jihadis the actors is the quran and sunna. The on-line community includes thousands who have taken the time to discover the tenets of islam and how they are used by jihadis, and islamic religious/political leaders DAILY to justify acts of armed and covert jihad. We are virtually SHOUTING to our "leaders" to acknowledge this threat and take action to deter it. Is it fear? Money? Ignorance? That prevents our "leaders" from understanding and/or showing any leadership? They tread on our founding fathers and the principles this country is based on by not defending us against islam and islamic sharia law. The US Constitution cannot co-exist with sharia in this country. One is functionally and morally superior. The West has done little to harm islamic countries; it is islam itself that condemns liberty, denies equality and rejects universal human rights. Some argue poverty is the cause of terrorism; but islam helps to cause their monetary and intellectual poverty. The West has advanced liberty for more than 2,500 years. If we cannot grapple with this current threat to our culture and national sovereignty now, it may be another thousand years before we can stand as free men in a free country.


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