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What is the problem?

Submitted by Ahmed, Oct 10, 2013 15:21

What is the problem with this event? The 'Die Hards' will always oppose, as they are selective in their memories and their Democracies. The six women are carrying flags of 'Faith' (Statement of Faith - as it would be the Crucifix for the Christians), so what is your problem? Was Hamas not 'Elected'? Didn't the 'Hizbollah' defeat the Israeli Army? Get Over It!


why parade??

Submitted by assou, Oct 3, 2013 20:49

Parade for interculturality between different nationalities in the united states land.and its object is "to expose" yourself to others and not to menace them.here i talk about the women and men in the above video.to expose youself to others is not to hide your face.



Submitted by Kiflemariam Melake, Oct 2, 2013 13:26

I am really sorry to see such a display in the USA. The USA puzzles me. Are there Americans who want their country die slowly or wither away for their cheap personal interests. Human Rights and democracy have limitations. What I don\t get from Egypt the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood shouldn't get it from America. Who wants to cut his hand himself in America? MMMMMMMMMMMMM! FBI, CIA, MI6, MI5 ...all of them are puzzling organizations. What the hell are they for? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


renaming NY

Submitted by JC Lincoln, Sep 26, 2013 04:25

The New Islam Yankees!

The New Islam Giants!

The New Islam Knicks!


Muslim Parade

Submitted by Earnest, Sep 25, 2013 18:51

Pretty self explanatory with the flags and hand signs meaning total solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood, which the White House, State Department and Immigration seem to have forgotten that the Brotherhood gave BIRTH TO HAMAS AND HEZBOLLAH---BOTH TERROR ORGANIZATIONS RECOGNIZED BY THE WEST AS SUCH.


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What is the problem? [63 words]


Oct 10, 2013 15:21

why parade?? [45 words]


Oct 3, 2013 20:49

WHAT IS GOING ON! [81 words]

Kiflemariam Melake 

Oct 2, 2013 13:26

renaming NY [12 words]

JC Lincoln 

Sep 26, 2013 04:25

Muslim Parade [45 words]


Sep 25, 2013 18:51

parade [8 words]


Sep 25, 2013 09:55

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