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Submitted by Dave Sistaro, Nov 10, 2009 01:07

Anyone who has ever read one of Mr.Emerson's books will know that he is a expert on Islamic Jihad. Hw was warning America about this before the WTC bombing and Sept 11th. Why people (Goverment) won't listen to him is beyond me., He should be hired to work in conjunction with the White House but we all know that will never happen.


"calling it right" first time around

Submitted by Patrick Dunleavy, Nov 9, 2009 22:23

Thank you Steve for speaking out on the incident and calling it what it is. I'm reminded of the case of Rashid Baz, aka the Brooklyn Bridge Shooter. In March 1994 after hearing a fiery serman preached at the Islamic Center of Bay Ridge, he went out armed with automatic weapons and opened fire on a van full of hasidic jewish students, killing Ari Halberstam and wounding several others. The authorities at the time refused to call it an Islamic act of terrorism. The District Attorney call it a simple act of "Road Rage" It was not until all the facts were brought out and the relentless pursuit of the Halberstam family that it was declared a terrorist act in December 2000 by the United States Justice Department. It took them over six years to call it what it was. Thanks for calling it right the first time.


Investigative Project on Terrorism

Submitted by Don McGowan, Nov 9, 2009 20:14

I get daily updates online from the IPT and have great respect for Steve Emerson all all he and his associates do in an attempt to make America aware of the potential dangers of Islamic terrorism and Jihad. Steve has sent me some eye-opening books pertaining to Islamic Jihad and they are chilling.

Someone with the devotion of Steve Emerson should be heading Homeland Security rather than a political hack because he is always well aware of what's going on and he's not afraid of Political Correctness, a killing virus that pervades our country and well-meaning society. I'd feel much more safe and secure if he was the head.


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