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Export Their Savagery ?

Submitted by Cyberats, Feb 29, 2016 14:32

Let's establish first that there are No Independent Terrorist Organizations in the middle east. That after the end of WWII, western & eastern nations were heavily invested in the middle east and the straights of Hormuz to control the bulk of petroleum imports. For that purpose, there is no rifle name Ahmed nor grenade named Saeed. The purpose of USA's creation, sponsorship & support of the Taliban is to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the early 1990s, indirectly as a by-proxy army. To that effect Europe employed PLO, Fatah, Hamas, as their hatred of Jews & Israel, wheres Russia, N. Korea & China got Hezbollah. As years went by, USA has seen a decline in the effectiveness of such armies and employed even more to restart & respur motivation. Al-Qaeda was the new scapegoat for the U.S. Drug Cartel entry into Afghanistan, goal being cheap opium. CIASIS (ISIS/ISIL) was the latest psyop (arming both sides of war) to hit the middle east for the purpose of returning military to Iraq, to keep guarding the siphooning of free raw petroleum, as Exxon-Chevron-Conoco-BP-Shell have done for 20 years prior. So, to say export is erroneous, especially after giving them Military Oshkosh vehicles and air dropping supplies to them. Now for the proposed oil pipeline from Syria through Turkey and into Europe, eliminating Russia from the European petroleum market, the same group is being used. We are narrowly stepping into open war with Russia. So when you speak of Savagery, as them being a by-proxy army, you have to look in the mirror and see the savagery in US, even as passive, the traitor within is ten times more dangerous than the enemy at the gates.


Freedom of Speech

Submitted by Marie, Feb 29, 2016 12:09

Thank God for people like Pete Hoekstra and others who keep trying to get through to those close minded. If they would only listen, they just might learn something. If, after learning something new, they still want to believe what they believe, then fine. This is America. They are entitled to be "less than smart". However, I will continue to speak my mind, respectfully, to all those that will listen and I will continue to protect their right to free speech, no matter how uneducated they may sound.


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