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Submitted by Steve Pankey, Jun 2, 2016 21:11

On July 4, 2008, my 20 year old son was murdered by his Muslim ex-girlfriend in Phoenix, Arizona. Lets build the south boarder wall, and keep the Syrian refugees in the middle east.



Submitted by Hugo Goerner, Jun 2, 2016 18:31

Steve, Great interview. The SIA's are what really concern me. Now the real dialogue starts. 20% are still here...Damn...thats alot of trouble just sitting and waiting for the call. Ticking Time bomb?....Oh Yeah!. I did some calc's....100's??...more like thousand's Steve..[ you know]. We do not want to necassarily sound the all out alarm...but ...the reality is...the SIA's are here for a reason...que no?..Que..Hell Yeah!...What are these 20% here for...to assimilate into American society...capture the American Dream?...Hell NO..they are here to *&^% stuff up. By the way...you look healthy, and ready to go. God's Speed


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