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Canada preparing to House Muslim Refugees at 7 Armed Forces Bases in Canada:

Submitted by Larry S. Oxenham, Feb 8, 2016 22:56

I was shocked to find out today by the Rebel.Ca (Ezra Levant) that the Trudeau Liberal Government will be housing Muslim Refugees on 7 Canadian Armed Forces Bases right here in Canada (2 in Quebec & 5 in Ontario). Please go to the Rebel and view Ezra Levant's report with the Government documents to back it up. Canadians are disgusted with Trudeau's RUSH to Jam 50,000 Non-Vetted Muslim Refugees this year into Canada. There will be Good Muslims (Sheep) in the mix, but there will also be (WOLVES) like the Rape-You-Gees that beat, raped, and stole the purses of those German women on New Years Eve. Canadians don't want our women and girl attacked by Barbarians.

America needs to find out what the Hell is going on in Canada before it's to late and the damage is done.


Larry S. Oxenham

Calgary, Alberta



Michael Downing

Submitted by gary fouse, Feb 8, 2016 22:20

I will never forget in February 2012 attending a town hall on sharia at the Islamic Center of Orange County. Downing and others like Lee Baca spoke and told the audience there was no conflict between Sharia and the US Constitution. Afterward, I met Downing outside and told him that in the 1990s, this mosque and Muzammil Siddiqi had hosted the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman . Downing's response was, "Well, Gary. You know some people change over time."


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