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Mar 13, 2011 00:45

Do the research, here are just a few books, read:

"The Heirs of Muhammad" by Barnaby Rogerson.

"Muslim Maifia" by David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry

"Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

"Cruel and Usual Punishment" by Nonie Darwish

"The koran"

View Site: thereligionofpeace.com

figure this out for yourself...............


Churches must also be investigated

Submitted by inkorrekt, Mar 11, 2011 13:39

We have 30million illegal immigrants who have virutally invaded our country and we are spending $400 billion/ year only to sustain public services to the Illegals. AIDING AND ABETTING illegals is a crime. The Catholic church, Assembly of God, PCA(USA) ELCA, UMC and other non profit organizations getting grants from the US Taxpayer such as LA RAZA, One America are violating our laws. Should they also not be investigated for AIDING and ABETTING the Illegals? They are free to provide humanitarian services as people. As far as the law is concerned, they cannot AID and ABET the illegals. Then, they must be investigated and prosecuted. The best way to go will be to REVOKE their TAX Exempt STATUS. Then they will understand the difference between compassion and the LAW.


Great summary; weak initial comment

Mar 10, 2011 23:58

Maybe the difficulty getting people to understand the specific problem we have with the radicalization of young Muslims is people like the first commenter write (kind of) and open their mouths.

Yes, the Democrats on this committe were childish. But they were trying to divert the point of the hearing and keep the spin going that it is anti-Islam. It's a tactic! They were going to do this regardless of the actual content of the witnesses. Sure, it made them look like fools. As though they weren't actually listening to the stories of the two relatives of radicalized Muslims. And, uh, where were the hearings on skinheads, Klan and neo- nazis when MY Democratic party were in power? Obviously, condemning the focus of this hearing for excluding other political fanatic organizations was a tactic, not a serious concern.

I'd like to forward this article, which summarized the hearings well, to my more liberal friends but I'm afraid comments like the one above will just prevent intelligent folks from taking this seriously.


"The Extent of Radicalization" Among American Muslims

Mar 10, 2011 18:22

"The Extent of Radicalization" Among American Muslims

The House of Representative's Homeland Security Committeen hearings on the above subject, will be shown in entirety tonight on CSPAN - beginning 7pm PST/10pm EST.

This is very important for every American to watch these proceedings. Dr. Zuhdy Jasser is clear & brilliant! Two heart-broken (and very articulate) family members of radicalized American boys, (1 African-American, and 1 Somali) testified. They were stopped by the clock by Rep. King a few times, but people like Ellison got to go on and on...

And our very own Sheriff Baca was once again brought in to testify by Democrats. He does well when he does not have to take sides. He shore knows how to wiggle out of answering a direct question. He is slick and takes people in with his smooth diplomacy. People will not see the truth about him, just as we didn't at first. He is adamantly pro-Muslim, and attends fund raisers for CAIR!!!

Most Democrats - both on the committee & visiting congresspersons - were ridiculous! They wasted precious time...speaking against the committee, wanting equal time for white supremacist groups, and other subjects...did you know that the "KKK is Christian"?

Jackson Lee (D-Tx) was her usual belligerent out-of-control, look-at-me-narcissistic self. She had the audacity to wave a small folded up Constitution.

Oh to be in theater! Also Laura Sanchez from SoCal was horrid, making inane remarks, with an awful grating voice, and gesturing with awkward (weird) hand movements. Only Lundgren (R) of California made any sense and was a good speaker. The others from California were (are) truly embarrassing.

I wrote to Chairman Peter King, and suggested the committee talk about THE DEATH THREATS HE GOT these past 2 weeks, AND about the serious threats DR. JASSER GETS continuously. America needs to know about this! The International Islamo-fascist movement surely knows all about this aspect of what is going on today. Only criminals & thugs try to frighten people into silence.


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