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American system was too good for him

Submitted by Basel Bushnaq, Oct 15, 2008 13:11

American system was too good for him. He lived in fancy house in Virginia paid for from contribution money he used to collect from Saudi Arabia and Golf countries. He used all privileges of freedom of speech and movement. His arrogant nature drove him to, bluntly, carry nearly three Hundred thousand dollars of " contributed money" by his handbag from London to Washington where he finally stopped and arrested.

Opportunistic character like him used to wake up in the morning and had nothing to do but to prepare his rhetoric words in order to collect more money and contribution from people who support Hezbollah and Hamas. He used to be very close to some congress members who he presented himself to them as a good American public servant. Eventually he could not hide his real mission; influenced by emotional moment, he disclosed his reality in public. Most his close friends fled the USA after he testified against them in his bargaining deal with Federal Authorities.

I am happy that this episode of crime and terror is over, hope he will learn in jail the minimum amount of decency.


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