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American Islamists Mourn MB Cleric Who Defended Hitler and Called for Murdering Jews
Sep 29, 2022

Why Haven't Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib Even Mentioned Iran's Hijab Protests?
Sep 26, 2022

Will Rashida Tlaib Get Away with Her Antisemitic Comments?
Sep 23, 2022

Turkey's Aggression and Cultural Islamism Push Continue Unabated
Sep 21, 2022

The New York Times, Linda Sarsour, and Misinformation
Sep 20, 2022

Persecuted at Home, Iran's Christian Converts Finding Europe's Doors Closed
Sep 15, 2022

Iranian Oppression Causes a Backlash
Sep 13, 2022

A Desperate Erdogan Cozies Up to Iran and Russia
Sep 12, 2022

Inherently Pro-Violence Message Dominates Anti-Israel Events
Sep 2, 2022

"Jewish Lives Matter"
Aug 19, 2022

Dozens of Kurdish Civilians Die as Turkish Onslaught Continues
Aug 18, 2022

Black Market Repatriation of ISIS Families Fosters New Threats
Aug 16, 2022

The Loud Message from CAIR's Relative Silence on the Rushdie Attack
Aug 15, 2022

Iranian Hardliners and Media Praise the Attack on Salman Rushdie
Aug 14, 2022

American-based Israel Haters Hail Slain Terrorist
Aug 12, 2022

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