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Tunisian Islamists Aim for Power After President's Death
Aug 21, 2019

Omar and Tlaib Use News Conference to Push Anti-Israel Propaganda
Aug 20, 2019

Minor League Owner Rejects Connecticut Democrats' Demand to Meet CAIR
Aug 19, 2019

IPT Exclusive: Tlaib Meets with Another Terror Supporter
Aug 15, 2019

Jerusalem Bomb Plot Underscores Ceaseless Hamas Terror Efforts
Aug 13, 2019

NY Imam Active in Interfaith Work Disseminates Extremist Propaganda on the Side
Aug 9, 2019

Blind Hate Drives Campaign to Fire Jake Tapper
Aug 7, 2019

Maryland Aims to Dismiss Suit Challenging its Anti-BDS Rule
Aug 6, 2019

Islamists Gear Up to Defy New Dutch Burqa Ban
Aug 1, 2019

CAIR Slams Pro-Israel Saudi Blogger
Jul 30, 2019

New Report Details Hizballah's Use of Sports to Indoctrinate Youth
Jul 29, 2019

Kanter: Kids Basketball Camp Scrubbed After Turkey Threatened Long Island Mosque
Jul 26, 2019

Nasrallah's Latest Rocket Boast Underlines Threat to Israeli Cities and Sensitive Sites
Jul 25, 2019

Radical Islamists to Participate in Publicly-Funded Screening of Anti-Semitic Film
Jul 23, 2019

IPT Exclusive: CAIR Leader's Consequence-Free Anti-Semitism
Jul 23, 2019

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