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Turkish High School Textbooks Praise Jihad
Aug 3, 2022

An Egyptian Woman's Brutal Killing Sparks Renewed Hijab Debate
Jul 27, 2022

Iran Vows Revenge After U.S.-Israel Declaration on its Nuclear Program
Jul 21, 2022

Islamists Try to Renew Push for Ilhan Omar's Flawed "Islamophobia" Bill
Jul 13, 2022

In Molenbeek: Jihadists, Guns and (Drug) Money
Jul 6, 2022

Islamist Terrorism Resurfaces in Scandinavia
Jul 5, 2022

Iran's Infiltration of Latin American Politics Complicates "Aeroterror" Flight Investigations
Jun 29, 2022

Dissident Journalist in Turkey the Latest Target of Iran's Global Plotting
Jun 28, 2022

Nexus Between "Vicious Antizionism" and Spiking Antisemitism Motivates Author
Jun 27, 2022

Artists Under Fire
Jun 27, 2022

Iran Descends into Outright Piracy and Confrontation with the West
Jun 23, 2022

The Obvious Answer to Dana Milbank's Question
Jun 23, 2022

IPT Video: Recent Nakba Protest Showcases Raw Hatred and False Narratives
Jun 22, 2022

American Islamists Push Blasphemy Narrative in India's Prophet Controversy
Jun 17, 2022

Iranian "Aeroterror" Flights Reborn in Latin America
Jun 16, 2022

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