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The Terrorist Semi-States of Hamas and Hizballah
Jul 18, 2018

IDF: Hamas Plans to Strike Israel with Exploding Drones
Jul 16, 2018

U.S. Muslim Leaders Mourn Jordanian MB Leader
Jul 12, 2018

Reading, Writing and Jihad: Child Soldiers and a Lost Generation
Jul 11, 2018

Egypt's Islamist Televangelists Lose Clout
Jul 9, 2018

IRGC-affiliated Group Spreads Radical Ideology Beyond Iran's Borders
Jul 9, 2018

Canada is Funding and Supporting Terrorism Front Groups with Taxpayers' Money
Jul 5, 2018

Dar al-Hijrah, Turkish Government Mosque, Rally for Tariq Ramadan
Jul 3, 2018

Inside the Iran Protests: An IPT Exclusive Video Report
Jul 2, 2018

Why Are Elected Politicians Legitimizing Terrorist Front Group?
Jun 29, 2018

U.S. Islamists Ignore Erdogan's Authoritarianism, Celebrate Win
Jun 26, 2018

Report: U.S. Stops Palestinian Aid Payments
Jun 25, 2018

Economic Crisis Triggers Massive Iranian Protests
Jun 25, 2018

Israeli Security Services Turn to Data Mining to Anticipate "Unorganized Threats"
Jun 22, 2018

"New Rules of Engagement": Hamas Provokes Israel with Incendiary Aerial Devices
Jun 21, 2018

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