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Muslims.....If you do not have any concealed destructive ideology, no agent will be able to entraped you...

Submitted by Muna, Feb 24, 2013 21:57

For all Muslims that decry law enforcement for doing their job to protect us, The BOTTOM LINE is, if you are a good citizen, that do not have any concealed destructive ideology or intentions, no agent will be able to entrap you, you are entraped because you have concealed intentions of killig and harming people that did not choose to die the day you choose to kill your self. what do you expect from law enforcement??? they are protecting their country, if you do not like it, there are more that twenty Muslim countries, you can go and live there.and United States will be better of without you.


Agree w/ Dawud Walid on this one

Submitted by ER, Feb 24, 2013 08:41

though I'm what people wld call a "counterjihadist," I suppose; based on my own experiences, I totally agree w/ Dawud Walid on this one, 100% - at least the audio portions included in this article; even Islamists can be right somnetimes


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