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You are hate filled

Submitted by Joe, Nov 4, 2009 15:03

There does not exist, I think, a better example of the consequences of Islamic mind control than the sincere and heartfelt letter written by Faisal A Tarwish.

Under Islam, every act of self defense by non-Muslims is an attack, while every attack against non-Muslims, no matter how savage or innocent the victims, is 'resistance to aggression'. Under Islam, a state like Israel that protects every individual's right to intellectual and spiritual freedom, including Muslims, is 'hate filled', while states that ruthlessly crush every vestige of non-Islamic religion and thought are 'peace loving'.

Mr. Tarwish is sincere in his acceptance that Islam can do no wrong, and that all opponents to the spread of Islam, by any means including savage terrorist violence, are 'hate filled'. He does not feel this way because he is a bad person. Life within Islam makes it impossible for Mr. Tarwish to see the world in any other way. That is the great tragedy and profound threat of Islam.

Islam is a perfect system of mind control that has been perfected for over 1400 years. The sole purpose and goal of Islam is to extend its control over the entire earth and to obliterate all other systems of belief and thought. Islam has nothing else to offer. For most Muslims, being immersed in a perfect system of mind control is 'peace'. As Muslims, they cannot undersand that for those who value intellectual and spiritual freedom, who cannot accept that the words of a medieval warlord, plunderer and pedophile are God's sole revelation to humanity for all eternity, Islam is the Gates of Hell.

I wish Mr. Tarwish well, but 2 thousand million Muslims can be, and are, wrong.


You are hate-filled

Submitted by Faisal A tarwish, Sep 26, 2009 06:29

Why dont the people who edited this part of the Internet understand that they are the ones that are filled with Hate for thier doing every-inch to insult Islam and Muslims.

Emerson whould be rewarded according to what He does. he is saying that the people of america are supporting Hamas and hezbollah..

others are coming. Hamas and Hezbollah are favorable. what about ............................


Also available in Europa

Submitted by ethan, Sep 25, 2009 06:32

Berlin: http://www.wikio.com/video/1671678

Londen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9014Ld6FAs&feature=player_embedded

Malmö: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njbd9Z9rDc8&feature=player_embedded


On this video you can see what the organisation they support (Hamas) teach there children:



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