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Repeat of The Grand Deception

Submitted by Gloria, Jul 22, 2016 18:53

I just watched this most informative program entitle "The Grand Deception" and hope that it will be aired once again. Today is July 22 and I saw this program for the first time. Will you please inform me of when you may show it again. I wish to get all of my friends to see it.

Thank you.


Looking Forward

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, Jun 25, 2016 01:02

Looking forward to seeing this on YT. Barrack Obama and the millions of Americans who refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islam and Muslims will not be persuaded by it. Progressivism is a mental health issue linking to very deep seated conditioning arising in early experience. The only way I have ever seen such experiences successfully challenged is during facilitated group therapy - logical argument is useless because the person's fear is so huge that they cannot look "inside" and see what they are doing. Another possible means, which has not been explored owing to media worldwide operated by such unwell people, would be repetition of key truths, similar but not identical to advertising. I hope therefore that there will be an increasing number of films along the lines of "The Grand Deception".


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