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Fifth Column

Submitted by Norm Campbell, Jan 16, 2009 16:35

For those who never heard of the "Fifth Column" scare of Nazi German spies in our country just prior to and during WWII - well they are here now - the " XX Column" of radical Muslims. They are determined to see the fall of this once great country.


Where is the support?

Submitted by Thom Sheridan, Jan 16, 2009 01:10

We have allowed cancer to grow in the heart of our country, and soon it will be inoperable. As our government spends us into bankruptcy and the socialist state feeds on itself, no one is doing the first job of government: PROTECT THE PEOPLE! From enemies without and within.

...and whatsup with the poor lonely Israel supporter gets the snot kicked out of him, then the police step in, looks like it happened at several "Rallies". Thinking about it, when is Israel going to stop taking PR lessons from the Bush Administration and organize some pro Israel rallies, whatever happend to the JDL?

Whatever happens, it's going to flash soon I think. A lot of people are going to start to remember when they lived in America, and ask how to get back...that's the smell of fresh coffee in the air, did you sleep well? If not I fear for the future of our civilization, and all of Christendom, for freedom of thought, let alone speech.


Untold Truth of IslamoFacism

Submitted by Bobby Feldman, Jan 15, 2009 14:06

Israel and the Jewish people are only a smoke screen for the goals of these terrorists and their supporters, the goal

is the eradication of all that is western and non-muslim in the world, complete world Sharia and domination must

prevail. It is though Israel was merely the canary in the mine, a warning sign of things to come for Christendom.



Submitted by danny, Jan 15, 2009 13:39

it seems that all american forgot when 911 happened these plo's poeple were celebrating


Muslims call for death to the Jews

Submitted by Lorenzo, Jan 15, 2009 00:43

One should not be surprised that Muslims openly call for the death to the Jews. The Koran implicitly advises every believer to kill Jews wherever they can be found. Maybe these public demonstrations will bring this evil instruction to the notice of the public who will see once and for all the undesrability of allowing these people to settle in our country of laws and freedom.


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Fifth Column [49 words]

Norm Campbell 

Jan 16, 2009 16:35

Where is the support? [166 words]

Thom Sheridan 

Jan 16, 2009 01:10

Untold Truth of IslamoFacism [61 words]

Bobby Feldman 

Jan 15, 2009 14:06

911 [14 words]


Jan 15, 2009 13:39

Muslims call for death to the Jews [66 words]


Jan 15, 2009 00:43

Hate [8 words]


Jan 14, 2009 21:08

We ignore this at our peril. [172 words]


Jan 14, 2009 20:49

Why are we NOT surprised? [90 words]


Jan 14, 2009 19:16

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