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Mars Attacks!

Submitted by B, Sep 20, 2012 13:32

I have been watching the comments of these leaders when the violent extremists attack. They are good at what they do. I liken it to the spoof move some years ago featuring Jack Nicholson, where the alien invaders carried around the interpretor machine yelling "we mean you no harm" all the while vaporizing humanity. They in no way want to coexist with us. Rather they wish to tolerate us long enough to invade our society until they can erode our societies rights and replace it with their own. We have already seen challenges to our laws on the basis that a defendant acted according to sharia law. While they all appear to have been convicted, once it has settled in long enough, some well intentioned judge, or intentional muslim, will ultimately acquit and make sharie part of American law. Very disturbing.


thank you for the work you are doing

Submitted by Elsa, Sep 17, 2012 20:55

That's my main comment: thank you for the work you are doing. All the best to all of us against the double-speaking.


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