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Just little kids

Submitted by Hasan, Oct 18, 2012 13:30

Little kids, talking as though they are authorities in Islam. Hizb al Tahrir is just a political party, like any other little political party. Using little kids with big egos to promote them to power. Get back to school kids.


They are not calling for hate

Submitted by Adam, Jul 8, 2010 13:46

I don't see any hate in their speech to any race, in fact they consider all races are human beings and they are not better than each other because of their race like what many racists in this country.

They are calling for a universal view of Ruling, social, and economic. We should not mix their noble and intellectual message and divert the discussion to race and hate. They are very intellectual, and capitalism has really lost its ground


Free Speach

Submitted by David, Jul 20, 2009 17:07

It seems we really only have free speach any more if what we are saying is something against this country. If I was talking about the ruling anyone, more less the world for a belief, I would be called a hate monger, biget or worse. If I called for the hate of someone I could easily be arrested and jailed.

Free speach, sure if you hate America, Christian, Whites, Conservatives!



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