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Manipulating the Truth about Radical Islam

Submitted by Jim Lopey, Sep 15, 2014 18:20

I could not agree more with Steve Emerson. I teach terrorism to state, local and federal stakeholders ( and on the college level). I have been studying terrorism for many years and have over 30 years of law enforcement experience. All of the Muslim extremist groups can be classified as having almost identical platforms or "end game". Most were outlined by Steve but I also opine that they all believe in the following: Destruction of Israel Isolation from the West and non-believers Cleansing of the Islam (taking it back to the 8th Centuyr) Defeating the West and moderate Muslim regimes Creation of a regional and later a worldwide Caliphate I have sent letters to our representative Harry Reid (last letter still not answered) and I have outlined my concerns about our seemingly inept foreign policy and how we perceive or communicate about these groups. We appear to be doing little to place these groups in check. We do not appear to have any sort of strategic plan on how to deal with Muslim extremism. They (extremists) have a very clear plan that is communicated daily but we cannot seem to come up with a viable plan that will keep us safe in the years to come.


The Dhimmi Whitehouse President

Submitted by WorldWatchman, Sep 15, 2014 01:19

Pretty pathetic when you let "political correctness" and being afraid you'll upset muslims who live in OUR country by calling it anything less than terrorism. As an example of the muslim doctor who killed innocent people on base and they called it a "work place" incident. And Obama wonders why Americans have so little faith in our government today


Telling It Like It Truly Is ...

Submitted by Dianne Eubanks, Sep 14, 2014 22:03

Thanks Judge Pirro and Steven Emerson for always telling the truth like it is without compromising but with boldness! "We The People" appreciate you!!!


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