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Submitted by Domenick F. De Rose Sr., Jan 3, 2010 11:07


With almost no exceptions, airline travel is aiways reserved IN ADVANCE.

We already have the people in place i.e. Airline ticket agents, Expedia, Orbitz etc.

We have the technology. If we can confirm a passenger's seat, we can can CONFIRM athe LEGITIMACY of the passenger's travel.

We will be able to approve, delay or deny tickets to anyone who cannot provide information i.e a CHECKABLE NAME AND NUMBER of a designated person at the end of the ticket purchasers destination.

Respectfully, Domenick F. De Rose Sr.


German is full of crap

Dec 30, 2009 23:51

Mr. German: Only Islamic terrroists have state sponorship, Saudi billions and safe havens in various Islamic countries. White supremacist don't.


Would Be Terrorist

Submitted by Domenick F. De Rose Sr., Dec 30, 2009 07:22

My comment on the Airline Ticket Inclusion proposal, made no mention of Muslim Terrorists. If you read it carefully it says, WOULD BE TERRORIST.

If the travel is ligitimate, the ticket purchaser should have no objection designating and identifying a person who can confirm his or her travel, Unless he or she is planning a terrorist act.

The name and number of the designated person, MUST appear on the airline ticket for reconfirmation with the ticket issuing agent by customs or other authorities. It will be the responsibility of the airline and or the issuing agent to confirm the travel. The airline or agent MUST call the ticket purchasers designated person BEFORE the ticket is ssued. If the ticket is issuedby the airline, the Name of the person (employee) who confirmed the travel MUST ALSO appear on the ticket .

Airline tickets are always purchased in advance. I't's simple, it's accountable,it will work and will deter airline terrorism.


It's All in the Numbers

Dec 29, 2009 22:31

Count the numbers of muslims who have been involved in jihad in the past ten years.

Count up the numbers of kafirs who've been terrorists and killed others in the past ten years.

Give us the statistics. Throw numbers out. It throws them off and educates the public at the same time.


Airline ticket inclusion

Submitted by Domenick F. De Rose Sr., Dec 29, 2009 17:29

I'm in complete agreement with your assessment regarding profiling and airport inspections.

May I suggest that before an airline ticket is issued ,it should include a checkable name and telephone number of a designated person provided by the ticket purchaser to vouch / confirm at ( the other end ), the ticket purchasers destination.

Weather it's a bussiness designee a relative, friend etc it will provde legitmacy of the travel

It can be checked in advance and can be done electroniclly by either the Airline and or it's agent or if suspect by customs.

Imposing this condition will in my oppinion, throw a huge Monkey Wrench into a would be terrorist who may be planning the distruction of the airlcraft and it's passengers.

Respectfully, Domenick F. De Rose Sr.


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