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the real genocide

Feb 21, 2015 13:21

We hear so many times, muslim apologists telling us how Israel and the IDF are carrying out a genocide against the "palestinian people"....If that's true, it is the only case of genocide i know of in which the people being "slaughtered" actually continue to increase in number...the arab muslim populations in gaza, Judea and Samaria, aside from emigration, continue to increase year after year, despite all of Israels efforts at "killing" them....can it be that Israel is so incompetent that they cannot wipe out the arabls? Apparently much for the vaunted skills of the real genocide is being planned and attempted by arab muslims and has been for almost 100 years....remember the massacre of the jews of Hebron in 1929? the killing of jews and sympathetic arabs to the jewish cause from 1936-39...and what about the pact between the grand mufti and hitler in 1941, where the haj al husseini promised hitler that he would finish the destruction of the jews after hitler won the war....husseini even had designs completed for the extermination camps and locations in the middle east and where the exterminations would take place...and consider the charters of hamas and hezbollah, which talk about the total destruction of the jewish population in israel...and about the fact that palestinian text books do not even show Israel on the map...only palestine under arab rule(which means no jews, since abbas has announced that no jew will be allowed to live in palestine)....these declarations of a "judenrein" middle east clearly point to who really intends to commit genocide...and if iran ever gets the bomb, we shall see another 6million jews exterminated.....genocide there may be, but it won't be carried out by Israel of the IDF.


As absurd as equating Pakistan and India

Submitted by kalpak dabir, Feb 18, 2015 11:35

But that is what Europe and the US are doing. It is as to absurd to ask India and Pakistan to negotiate as to ask Israel and Hamas. But not a month goes by without some "western" country sermonizing India on "peaceful" solution for Kashmir, while Pakistan continues to send terrorists funded by the very same aid (protection money) from US.


Let's talk about Israel and Gaza...

Submitted by Michael McGregor, Feb 17, 2015 19:52

Lets talk about Israel and Gaza!!! Lets talk about how the muslims place rocket launchers in the mist of their civilian cities instead of out in the open away from civilians!!! Lets talk about how the muslims use their women and children as human shields!!! Lets talk about how the muslims violate international laws of land warfare on every hand!!! Lets talk about how the muslims are always attacking Israeli civilians!!! You want to talk about what is going on in Gaza??? Lets talk facts about how the muslims started the war, and how cause their own destruction then want to blame Israel!!! Lets talk about how a lot of those casualties had NO blood on them despite the fact that they were "killed" in artillery and bomb explosions!!! Yes, lets talk about Gaza, but lets tell the TRUTH instead of muslim lies!!!!


Unlike love, their hatred is not blind

Submitted by Doug Mayfield, Feb 17, 2015 17:37

Followers of Islam do indeed hate but their hate is clear and focused. It is directed at anyone who disagrees with them, particularly anyone who values freedom and individual rights. That's why they are dedicated to destroying Israel and the 'Great Satan', America.

In achieving this goal, they have an ally in the White House. Obama, the socialist and nihilist, also actively embraces Islam. He is doing everything he can to help them.



Feb 17, 2015 14:51

Why do seemingly intelligent people speak these absurdities and why does it continue, day after day, week after week, etc.? I suspect the Muslim Brotherhood and all aligned with or under their influence have one purpose in mind and that is the elimination of Israel, an annoying, aggravating, infuriating thorn in the backside of the Middle East that they cannot defeat militarily unless they can dupe what has proven to be a naive, gullible, feckless, anti-Semetic American administration to cut off all financial and military support, a golden opportunity if they can pull it off. With Obama at the helm they've got 23 months to get it done.


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