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A zero sum game

Submitted by Ron Dolinsky, Jan 27, 2015 19:48

Political correctness is incorrect; parity between two diametrically opposed belief systems is an oxymoron. It is a zero sum game. They can't get what they want unless we give up what we have. Free speech doesn't need qualifications from a belief system that doesn't provide the liberal democracy version for all of its citizens.


Qu'ran Passages

Submitted by Randy, Jan 27, 2015 10:28

As I read the passages utilized to stress the need to reform Islam based on the Qu'ran, I have to wonder if the selected passages were taken from the book of Mecca or the book of Medina. As we all know, if taken from the book of Mecca then the selected passages were likely abrogated in the book of Medina. I never cease to be amazed at the way in which those of the Islamic faith are capable of choosing passages that for their argument. Mohhamed preached deceit as a tool to defeat the "infidel" and it's one that has been mastered by Muslims across the globe.



Submitted by Craig Neuvirth, Jan 23, 2015 22:45

These people do not want to integrate into western society they want us to make exceptions for them and adapt to their belief system. The goal of all muslims is to have everyone living under sharia law and subservient to their ideology. One must study the quran and the sunnah intently and understand that the suras of the quran are not in chronological order, that only the suras documented after Muhammad left mecca are in play today, and that the suras applicable for modern islam leave no room for any other belief system but Islamic law, and that jihad must be waged by all muslims until their totalitarian system rules the world. No muslim leaders are going to stand up and march against the "extremists" because that would mean going against the quran and that's a death sentence! They have no intention of living under democracy. Their intention is to conquer the west from within, thus these demands that we make exemptions for them which is a first step towards that goal! One must understand the islam is not a religion, it is an expansionary, military-political ideology who's goal is totalitarian rule under sharia law wherever muslims live! Period! We must not be fooled and we must stand firm in our resolve to remain free and to live a life of liberty for all.


Islamist Panel Approaches Self-Parody in Hebdo/Radicalization Talk

Submitted by Anna Dean, Jan 23, 2015 20:49

douglas saying it as it is! Brilliant as always!



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