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Terrorist in sheep's clothing.

Submitted by Mary frie, Dec 29, 2015 20:33

As an American I am shocked that our Goverment would so in danger the public, for with no investigations and unrestricted entry into our Country is absolutely unreasonable.


Here, here

Dec 29, 2015 00:20

I am Canadian as well and 100% agree with you. It is naive for our new government to open its doors in the name of charity at potential risk of the security of our society. I guess time will tell.


Syrian Refugees-Who are the Lambs and who are the Wolves?

Submitted by Larry S. Oxenham, Dec 28, 2015 20:42

As a Canadian I am shocked at the new Canadian government of Justin Trudeau's decision to fast track 25,000 Syrian Refugees without proper screening. So far I don't believe any Syrian Muslims have been turned away, but. I don't believe any Syrian Christians fleeing certain death or girls as young as 7 years old being raped have been accepted to come to Canada. I'm sure there as Muslims who just want a better life away from war and same is true for Syrian Christians as well. But what about the Wolves that are mixed in with the Sheep? Over the passed 10 year Canada has taken in some 500,000 Muslims that would be like the States taking in 5,000,000 Muslims in the same 10 years since the States has roughly 10 times our population, Canadians have Big Hearts but for our government to hastily open the door for 25,000 Syrian Muslims with out being properly vetted is foolish, and now a further 25,000 Syrians Muslims are slated to arrive for 2016 can only be called insanity.


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