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Incorrect information

Jan 1, 2010 08:24

This is one of the major problems of the US anti terror campaign which allows terrorists to perpetuate their evil acts. These liars who parade themselves as terror experts and promoted by the overly biased media outlet like FOX- what a name?. Suddenly they write a sensationalist book that is poorly researched and clearly misleading and become an expert. In the interview above, at least two important information are clearly wrong:

1. U.S. intelligence is pretty good in terms of getting the information that's very current. I mean to get someone who is affiliated of Al Qaeda within a month of his affiliation is pretty good for an intelligence agency.

US intelligence DID NOT get the information. The father of the terrorist volunteerd the information to the US embassy officials in Abuja and as a good Muslim, this is his duty, putting public interest and safety above personal and family interest. I commend his courage. Why is this not acknowledged here?

2. In fact we are going to discover that is the weak loophole in terms of international security for U.S. airlines around the world is countries that have weak enforcement systems like Nigeria, where this man boarded obviously and was able to smuggle on and infiltrate or neutralize the security system.

Again, this statement is factually erroneous. The man DID NOT board the plane in Nigeria. He boarded the plane in Ghana and only transited in Lagos just as he did in Amsterdam. Now, this does not justify poor secudity check attributed to Lagos airport, but it only makes it fall into the same category as Schipol airpot in this case. The true picture must be presented instead of putting up shoddy pundits who parade themselves as expert to confuse ordinary people.

Read more at: http://www.investigativeproject.org/1592/terrorist-attack-thwarted


Thanks to Steven Emerson and my remarks on Al Qaeda

Submitted by Jerry O'Neal, Dec 26, 2009 19:44

I believe we not only need to ratchet up the surveillance on people coming in from places like Nigeria and other hot beds states of terrorism, we need to forget the nonsense about profiling or hurting someone's feelings, and remember we are at war.

I also believe we should make some people move back to where they come from if they keep appearing to be suspect, we have allowed a lot of the wrong people to come here, and now we are paying a terrible price.

Thank you Steven for your great work.


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