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Islamism or Islam?

Submitted by Carl, Dec 31, 2013 13:33

I have watched only the 15-minute excerpt, but I am concerned about two things:

1) There seems to be an attempt to separate "political Islam" from Islam. This is misguided because everything that the Muslim Brotherhood does and stands for comes straight from the Koran and the Sunnah which is Islam itself and is propagated by every mosque in the world. The fact that many Moslems do not follow these doctrines in practice does not change the basic doctrines of Islam. "Islamism" is only the practical expression of Islam. Islam, itself, is the problem. People need to be clear about this crucial point. A "moderate Moslem" like Zuhdi Jasser, for example, is a Moslem who does not follow the doctrines of Islam.

2) The noise, music and drumbeat in the background of the film is an awful and annoying distraction. Please get rid of it. The material itself is powerful and riveting enough.



Submitted by Lofty Basta MD, Nov 16, 2013 20:13

We keep referring to extremists as an offshoot of Al-Qaida. This is wrong. Al-Qaida was driven by the same perverse ideology as all the other extremists all over North Africa, Eastern Russia and Asia. A pass through any airport is a reminder of the mayhem that these groups are capable of inflicting on others. Whole Departments are established to counter their violent intent. whenever you conquer one of these groups, others with the same ideology can rear its ugly head; hence the title of a previous article of mine entitled Al-Hydra which is an animal capable of replacing its cut head. The problem is any Muslim can be radicalized and Muslims comprise one in Five of world population now and one in three by 2050. I tell the western world "wake up before you are destroyed


Thank you - may millions listen

Submitted by Elsa, Apr 6, 2013 11:36

Thank you for the panel discussion, and even more, for the documentary. We need more such documentaries. Even more, we need more people to listen. Vital that we promote the film as well as watch.

As for the person critical of the price, I ask: how do you expect more works to be made if we don't pay for things. We don't have oil money. And forget about government funding.



Submitted by CA, Jan 31, 2013 21:54

This is one of the most informative documentaries I've ever watched. More people need to watch this. I can't thank you enough for making this film.


Excellent Panel

Submitted by Robert Smith, Jan 15, 2013 19:30


Enjoyed watching your panel discussion. Ordered my copy of the DVD from Amazon several days ago and look forward to watching it soon! Keep up the fight gentlemen, we are all in this together, you are all true American patriots!!

De Oppresso Liber,

Robert Smith


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Oct 31, 2012 19:56

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