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TSA and Saudi Travelers

Submitted by Jersey Dave, Mar 28, 2013 11:02

Just to make sure, this isn't about the TSA being banned from making wounded war vets remove artificial limbs from inspection, or banning the TSA from patting down senior citizens, toddlers or any girl they think is attractive, this is protecting the category of people who made up the majority of 9/11 Hijackers. Disgusting. End the TSA now, might as well do that now, the "Temporary Safety" point is long since past. Ben Franklin's words about losing your freedom for the promise of temporary safety are being proven true. It is long past time we went to less invasive security like Israel has. It has been 12 years, you say we can't learn how to do it like pros by now? Not that we can't, the government doesn't want to, they like conditioning people like this, while letting these foreigners through without a hitch. Change the TSA to be less invasive or get rid of it. Oh and pare back the Department of Homeland Security too. It is meant to be analysts who communicate between agencies, not a paramilitary force. Bin Laden is dead, the Afghan War is winding down. The TSA as it has been is past it's usefulness and now a burden on the people.


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