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We need House and Senate hearings

Submitted by TopAssistant, Feb 23, 2010 20:25

ACT! for America - Raleigh and North Carolina chapters are working towards encouraging Sen. Burr and Sen. Hagan, both from North Carolina and both are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee to send letters to Sen. Levin, chairman, asking him to hold hearings on Stephen Coughlin's thesis and why some in DoD silenced him.

We are also going to do the same with our House delegation and have them send letters to Rep. Ike Skelton, asking him to hold hearings on the House side.

Nothing is more important to our military and that is to identify our enemy so we can develop a strategy for DoD, FBI, DOJ, DHS, etc to fight our enemy. I wonder when the FBI and DOJ invited the KKK into their offices to have a chat about diversity and how not to offend them.

We need your help to write articles on this.




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