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because Israel has long been our loyal friend, sharing intelligence and technology

Submitted by jen, Jun 25, 2010 23:11

"What's wrong" with this is that: 1. Countries usually trust their allies to tell the truth about incidents like this. 2. Countries usually ask the perpetrators to explain, not the victims., 3. Israelis WERE the victims, as not only the film, but reports of journalists who have covered the story tell about the beating of the soldiers rappeling down into the flotilla, 4. There were many people with terrorist ties on board., 5. Palestine does not need this type of help.

As for security, have you followed the middle-east situation long? Israel has been forced, by world opinion and strong urging by the U.N and Europe., to OFTEN give in to their enemies, thus threatening their own security. Examples include giving land they had won in the 6-day war back, giving Gaza to the "Palestians -- (full of greenhouses and equipment the "palestinians" destroyed), agreeing to bulldoze their citizen's houses because the "palestinians will not share land with the Jews," etc.

In Israel, all religions have equal rights - can you say the same about any muslim country? Israel is a true democracy and we owe our own government to judeo-Christian values. Those are a few of the reasons why it is wrong to act as a neutral party and demand that Israel explain.

If North Korea sent ships in and attacked South Korean soldiers, would we demand that South korea explain? Same thing.


Israel Must Stop Jeopardizing Its Own Security

Submitted by Linda Sax, Jun 24, 2010 13:17

Israel is relenting to world pressure and relaxing its security against Hamas-controlled Gaza. This capitulation is bound to come at great cost to Israel.

Why is Israel providing tons of humanitarian assistance to its avowed enemies while they hold Gilad Shalit?

Why did Israel force the expulsion of Jews from the community of Gush Katif in Gaza, making all of Gaza free of Jews. Jewish presence in Gaza predates Moslem presence there by well over 1000 years.

I wonder what Hamas did with the Arabs who worked in those greenhouses for the expelled Jewish residents...

Clearly, Ms Samuels, Israel has made many concessions which "endanger their security." Since the Jewish expulsion, thousands of rockets from Gaza have killed, maimed and terrorized Israelis, including Israeli Moslem Arabs.


So what's wrong with finding out the facts?

Submitted by Linda Samuels, Jun 23, 2010 13:00

I watched the video that's been circulating on YouTube, and it was inconclusive at best: Just a bunch of yelling, and too dark to see anything. If the Israelis have real proof of what happened, then let them present it. Serious proof would put American (if not world) opinion on their side.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government is taking steps to loosen the blockade. Knowing Israel's history, they wouln't do so if they thought it would endanger their security. So why such a tough blockade--and tough action to enforce it--to begin with?


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