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'Motivation' towards suicide murder?

Submitted by Babs, Aug 4, 2013 06:16

Can these women and children really be said to be volunteers in the sense usually meant? Muslim women are perceived to be inferior and are objectiified and children are treated as possession of their parents. I would imagine they would rarely dare NOT to do as they are told!

Add to the lack of respect and nurturing the instrumental approach and sociopathic manipulation of suicide bomber handlers who see these people as means to their own grisly ends, and the result is a highly toxic mix.

As I see it, the long term answer lies in education of women and raising their status if that can be done, and also in targeting the recruiters to the suicide murder cult and punishing them to the fullest extent of the law


The phenomenon of pushing women to be a suicide bomber is result of incremental steps that women undergo to form their perception about themselves

Submitted by Muna, Feb 22, 2013 13:33

As Christian born and lived my teenager in Middle East, I understand the phenomenon of pushing women to be a suicide bomber, as result of incremental steps that women undergo to form their perception about themselves as a member of society, and as individual in this life at large. The perception women gets in their so early age is that, women are inferior member in the society, and that their reputation and virginity is what they worth, without them women have no value in life, and do not deserve to live…For the observer, it may looks so absurd and easy to overcome. But it is not easy done as said, women in final step when they already formed this perception about themselves are so weak and easy to be controlled, especially when will be encountered with any life event, like rape, loosing virginity to a love, or any other horrible problem…. Middle eastern Christians also been indoctrinated by the same rule, because they lived under the same rule in middle east, but they do not admitted, and continue to live by this rule even when they live in United States and Europe, because it has been a part of their growing, and that's why they have problems in adjusting sometimes to different culture.


Psychology of Female Suicide Bombers

Submitted by Scott, Feb 22, 2013 01:13

Perhaps one area not thoroughly explored in this area is the culture of hate bred by war.

Hamas strike Israel; Israel in return level a city block either way the families of the dead suffer. I recall seeing an interview with a palestinian woman she was asked :

why did she want to become a suicide bomber?

she replied:

"the Israeli bomds destroyed my house killed my parents , my family and my children, I want those who did this to pay, I have lost everything there is nothing for me to live for, I want to kill those who did this."

Grief, loss, pain and suffering during times of calamity and war over the world have always been strong psychological motivators to "make someone pay" I am also very sure there are many Israelis who feel the same hurt and pain.

I think that there are many psychological precursers to make such a decision to become a suicide bomber, cultural alienation and cultural norms may be only part of a larger reason.

I firmly believe that the environment plays a strong part in the psychological stressors, understandings and perception that we as humans experience.

It must be acknowledged that given the military background of Dr Anat Berko in that she served as a Lt Col and has a Phd in Criminology that her background ,life experience training will provide pre-existing environmental precursers that have changed her Psychology and her perception. (I served.. I still remember the dead, these critical incidents changed my perception / psychology...It happens)

I am not in any way detracting from the reasearch and work that Dr Anat Berko has conducted in this field, however I think given the sensitive subject matter and the influence of environmental factors, predispositions, beliefs and bias that it should be taken into account whilst reading her work.

I believe that we should examine this question more thoroughly, I would be interested in the outcome of a study with these women, outside the prison, by a psychologist or psychiatrist with an clearer interest into the make up and the complexitities as to how such a decision has been formed.

"Israeli prisons are a place of refuge for muslim women" but its still PRISON. I believe the location (environment) taints the evidence and the explianations for their behaviours.

yes the recruiting will continue but as long as the "war" environment persists we will always have fresh fodder, filled with grief pain and loss to draw from


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