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Arduum sane munus

Submitted by Rebecca Moulds, Oct 22, 2010 20:24

"NO prophet is accepted in his own country". Steve Emerson may not be a true prophet, but that shouldn't stop him from making predictions, as they are based upon the facts of his intensive research and knowledge. If we had listened to him and people like Daniel Pipes, perhaps 9/11 and other terrorist attacks could have been avoided. Political correctness has ruined our world.


Steve Emerson and the NPR

Submitted by Patrick Dunleavy, Oct 22, 2010 19:44

My hat is off to Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe for his article on Steve Emerson and the NPR. Looking at all the quotes that prefaced the story reminds us that Steve was indeed the prophetic voice of what was to come. Many have looked to Steve and his organization for data and research material which is second to none in understanding the history of terrorism. He is also hightly esteemed among law enforcement and intelligence personnel for his in depth knowledge on the subject of radical Islam. If NPR were a privately funded media outlet one might understand the slight. However, as a recipient of taxpayer dollars there should be accountability. Sincerely, Patrick Dunleavy, former Deputy Inspector General


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