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So what

Submitted by Ruel Douvillier, Jan 7, 2016 09:11

Who cares what Mr. Hoekstra's political affiliation is. His article is right on the money. Serious accusations have been made and should be answered. Richard Nixon lost his presidency for hiring outsiders to spy on political opponents. If Mr. Obama is doing the same thing using a governmental agency that should be gathering intelligence on foreign enemies he should answer for it. If not, he should be vindicated.


congress will do nothing

Submitted by Mindy, Jan 5, 2016 21:09

Congress will do nothing, they are in on everything we see happening. Congress and the wh are doing nothing but putting on a dog and pony show.


And he is ...

Submitted by Richard Allan, Jan 5, 2016 16:40

What you failed to state is that Mr. Hoekstra is also a Republican ! No wonder he wants to disinvite the President to deliver the State of the Union address. Please this is a great site...don't tarnish it !


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