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Islamic Terrorism.

Submitted by Thomas E. Sheil, Jul 7, 2013 00:19

The single most important message in this article is that our Government officials refuse to use words like "Islamic terrorism," "Islamic jihad," "Islamic extremism", etc. Our President, Barack Obama, sets the standards. He will not use those terms. In my view, the explanation is quite simple. President Obama is a "closet muslim." He has demonstrated this proclivity on numerous occasions which our left-stream media has declined to comment on. There are just far too many examples to identify Obama's Muslim sentiments than can be shown here. The second most important topic identified here is the Muslim adherents use of the U,S, Constitution and other U.S. laws to further their agendas. It is the left wing progressives in American society that further the Muslim agenda. Look at the Muslim activity in Dearborn, MI as an example of what is to come. I fear for my grandchildren who will ultimately have to deal with this situation.


Where is the person who will stand up??

Submitted by shinbone, Jul 2, 2013 11:19

Who will stand up and speak the truth about our governments traitorous actions towards Islamic terrorist infiltrating our government- with full acceptance by our president. If I were in the Senate I would give a loud protest-filibuster -informing the American people of this Muslim-madness.


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