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Useful Idiots

Submitted by Bob D., Nov 17, 2015 12:14

1. A compliant press 2. A Gutless Congress 3. A misguided Supreme Court 4. An un-American Executive branch 5. An uneducated electorate


Why can't the Media admit it.

Nov 17, 2015 12:05

Why can't the Press/Media be honest and admit that we elected a Muslim sympathizer for President ... not once but twice. The Media is not stupid, or is it? but they keep spinning the facts and so does Obama and Clinton. The fact is that Obama intentionally alienated Benjamin Netanyahu, Called the Fort Hood shooting "work place violence" and cannot utter the words "Radical Islam" is enough proof. Even Clinton in the recent debate avoided answering the question on this topic by refusing to utter the word "RADICAL ISLAM" ... Parsing words by using Jihadists. NO GUTS, or is it political correctness run-a- muck or both.

Has anyone taken a poll to see how many US citizens believe Obama is a Muslim Sympathizer? ... What will it take for this nation to wake-up ?


The courage of making a moral judgment

Submitted by Edward Cline, Nov 17, 2015 11:53

This is a revolting statement: "Let's state the obvious. The administration has operated under the misguided belief that jihadists can be contained. If we just treat them nicely and don't identify them for what they are, they'll leave us alone." Again, I ask: Why do you think the Obama administration is operating "under the misguided belief that jihadists can be contained"? Perhaps the administration doesn't want the jihadists "contained," let alone destroyed. Have you ever entertained that possibility? Why can't you take that last important step and concede that Obama would not mind seeing this country crippled and maimed by another Islamic attack? Don't all his actions, in his domestic and foreign policies, over the last eight years add up to that conclusion? You've done a superb and heroic job of documenting that evidence. Why are you so hesitant to call Obama evil?


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