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Now a deceptive word from "our sponsor"

Nov 11, 2015 21:25

Failed strategies, "Architects of Disaster" we might well get used to it.

All perceptions are sponsored TV, print internet the radio all of it, religious or secular. Our thoughts are not our own, we are led from oppressor to oppressor; by truth that lacks some vital details.- Follow the money, ask who is profiting?

It seems that confusion is a reserve to draw from, it's there waiting for the mediator's condescension to "resolve", ( nothing gets resolved ) for the surviving victims and the news paupers who look on; Something closer to the truth will come out; WHEN THE DIRT GUILTY ARE DEAD COLD

We may soon know too well the sufferings of the Libyan and Syrian peoples; tragedy brought to us by "our sponsor"-empathy will be marketed to those remaining who can still afford it; THE NEXT VICTIMS


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