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It's about time!

Submitted by Michael Travis, Dec 22, 2015 19:17

Thank you Britain....it's about time!

Thank you Mr. Emerson & Co. for your efforts during the last year....we wish you the very best!

Happy Christmas from The Gerard Group


Harsh Response

Submitted by bobh, Dec 22, 2015 15:32

Obama is going to unfriend them on Facebook.


Corrected Now to condemn the OIC

Submitted by Edward Cline, Dec 22, 2015 15:15

Great news, and now the Brits need to condemn the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,(OIC) which has been an "unindicted" partner of the Brotherhood and the Islamic Movement for years. They have been on the same page of sabotaging the West's will to fight terrorism and also the language of the fight, working virtually hand-in-hand to impose Sharia law incrementally, stealthily on Western nations. See my two reviews of Stephen Coughlin's myth-busting work, "Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad," or read my two reviews of it on Rule of Reason. In his work, Coughlin, who was made persona non grata by the Pentagon because his briefings went against the narrative that Islamic terrorism "had nothing to do with Islam," documents and explicates the close working relationship between the Brotherhood and the OIC, a relationship neither Obama nor most politicians, including conservatives, want to hear and don't want the American public to hear, even though we the public have a right to know it. The Brits deserve the same enlightenment. .


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