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Wear the label 'Islamophobe' proudly

Submitted by Doug Mayfield, Jun 12, 2014 11:26

As wielded by the Left, political correctness is simply a cheap form of attempted intellectual blackmail. The Left begins with subjectivism ('There are no values, no right or wrong. Everything is a matter of opinion.'). Subjectivism is the basis for left wing multiculturalism ('No one culture is better than any other. Western culture with its traditions of freedom and individual rights is not morally superior to the vicious primitive enslaving cultures of the third world.') and political correctness ('No one will say or write anything which has the potential to bruise the feelings or emotions of anyone else.') I am an Islamo-phobe because I first was a murder-phobe, a rape-phobe, an atrocity-phobe. Followers of Islam are driven by that evil belief system to commit these vicious acts in order to establish a world wide Islamic slave state. Anyone how doubts this has only to look at any country around the world in which Islam is pervasive to see that, to borrow a legal concept, the statement above is true beyond any reasonable doubt. We in the West are at war with Islam. Be proud to be an Islamo-phobe because it's literally them or us.


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