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The camel's nose is in the tent

Submitted by Peter Muhlenberg, Sep 9, 2014 00:32

Sharia is foreign law. It is the proverbial camel's nose in America's tent. Make no mistake .... the longer the camel's nose remains inside the tent, the greater the likelihood that the entire dromedary is coming in and will push the Constitution and our way of life out. It matters not that some Muslims are "moderate." It is the ideology that furnishes motives for human action. What keeps a "moderate" Muslim from deciding to take the Qur'an literally and becoming radicalized?


Rejection of Sharia

Submitted by Paul Kelly, Mar 25, 2012 15:36

Many Americans are fully aware of what "Sharia Law" is! Sharia Law is the complete opposite of the United States Constitution! We do not want your Sharia Law in our country! We welcome everyone to come here, but not to come here to change us from a free nation into a nation of slaves! I can't help but believe that many, many Muslims come to the US to get away from the medieval world of Radical Islam! Islam is fine, practice it all you want, but do not try to force it on us! We promise not to "force" you to become a Christian, Hindu, Jew, or Pagan! That is the deal! If you can't handle that, don't come here! Radical Islam, you are starting to honk us off!


Who are most Muslims in America

Submitted by Michael Howard, Mar 23, 2012 14:26

I am a Muslim. I disown anyone stands against my country of choice. I would die for this country and all of its allies.

I don't know why any Muslim wants to go against the United Sates of America when he/she came running from all kind of persecution (that was my own motive). They say they love America..Let's see...America became big and attractive to everyone because America has friends who support her all over the world even in the Muslim areas of the world. So, why in the world I will take a stand against my country that is the mainstay for every free man and woman including myself?

If Mubarak is a Muslim and supported America because of extra money, shouldn't I love America because it helps me to live free and with dignity which is the life which my own native country did not have the ability neither did she have the will to give?????

In addition, America is built on the concept of "white revolution" that is established long time ago in G.B. It obligate everyone to stay away from violence and live in a democratic way where everyone has an equal right, which does not exists in my native country.

I am a Muslim and I am an Arabic male. My Allah did not tell me to kill innocent people but HE told me to avoid danger for myself and for others even those who are of different religions.

About the Sharia Law, is it applied in Muslim countries? I don't think it is applied even in rustic ones like Afghanistan. They have their own class system that does not respect the humanity of any human. It is not applied in Arabic countries. The one that unite Muslims in Arabic countries is Israel not Islam. Are they aiming toward liquidating Israel? They talk about it and they know that it is impossible. So, they talk a lot and do nothing. They only want to make more money. They know that United States spread out of its border all the way around the Earth. Thanks to allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

How about covering the face for women? It does not apply in "Modernized" Islamic countries. Why in Allah's name, they want to impose it on people who are born and live naturally. Is living naturally against Islam? I don't think so. Islam is calling for people to be "faithful" not necessarily "Muslims".

It is all about money and fame. By the end of the day, good Muslims (faithful) survive with happiness and bad ones (unfaithful to their country) may not be as much happier.

There are many Muslims that I know love and protect the U.S.A. more than some of other religions.

Their problem is that they work silently for the benefit of their country. Others work on political advantage and creating wealth by finding holes in the laws that may hurt others in the name of Islam and put them in the news with nice suits, shoes, and general apperance while they do not care about principles.

Most Muslims are good working in silence with faith that can move mountains. They do not need CAIR.


statement of fact

Dec 12, 2011 10:08

We are not going to renounce our Faiths.

We are not going to accept Sharia laws.

We are not going to become an Islamic -only Nation.

So, CAIR, go pound salt!!


Somalis are terrorists !

Submitted by Rebecca Olesen, Dec 12, 2011 06:27

Oh so the title 'fails to distinguish between islam and terrorism' (well there is no difference to me) However, you would think any reasonable person would not infer from that title, that it is meant to imply Islam and Terrorism are the same (I mean it would be implied if I wrote the title, but these guys sound legit LOL). How are they supposed to 'separate the two' simply within the title. Probably the reason the Somali's won't go is because they don't want to pay the $150 !

@"RELIGION" submitted by PAM, Nov 17, 2011

I'll tell you what, PAM, Somalians routinely murder any suspected Christian they can find. Any church in Somali that existed is now closed, the pastors burned alive, beheaded, stoned, their families raped and killed as well.


Here is one link detailing the horrible horrible persecution of Christians in Somalia. If you believe we are 'using muslim to hide behind' then you are misinformed. Also, from your writing you sound like a muslim.


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Sep 9, 2014 00:32

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Mar 23, 2012 14:26

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Dec 12, 2011 06:27

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