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Correct Again

Submitted by Barbara D\obbin, Oct 15, 2010 13:10

Thank you for presenting information that we see no where else.


Is Luqman Abdullah related to David Koresh?

Submitted by Havanabrownsam, Oct 15, 2010 01:43

How much longer do we have to put up with MSM giving soap boxes to these anti-American Taqqiya-spinners who portray themselves as US citizens?

Not one single 'American' was killed in this incident. Nor are any 'Americans' condemning this lawful police action.

Had this fruitcake Abdullah 'obeyed' the lawful action initiated by a court-ordered search warrant, he might be in jail today where he belongs. Because of his homicidal belligerence, he is now pushing up poppies where he belongs.

Had the Branch Davidians simply allowed the FBI to execute its search warrant instead of resisting with deadly force, that would have been a non-story.

Abdullah's decison not to peacefully surrender lead to his death. Period! End of discussion, Cair, blow it out your rear. & the MSM better smarten up soon if they want to survive as media to more & more true Americans seeing through them in growing numbers...


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