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ikhwan v wahhabis

Submitted by Ali, Oct 25, 2011 18:58

I suspect that Walid and Billoo do not represent institutional wisdom, on this or on much else. They're token domestic Muslims. They're both young. Neither is terribly smart. Neither can frame a coherent sentence, or spell. And both _repeatedly_ deviate from the party line. I doubt Billoo even knows the Ikhwan pay her bills. And as for Walid, he can't distinguish between a Muslim thug who dies in a gunfight with cops and an Islamist cause worth institutional capital. They're likely repeated embarrassments to folks higher up the food chain.

On Arbabsiar and Iran, the MB USA is caught in the classic ikhwan dilemma. The Brotherhood has always tended to be ecumenical, and is sincerely happy to work with Shiites. Wahhabi paymasters know history and are playing a longer game. They're also looking across the Persian Gulf at some pretty dangerous hardware, and it's pointed at their livelihood.

What a Brother to do? Condemn Iran and they burn hard-built briges to Iran -- and alienate the global Muslim cheering section for Hamas. Defend Iran and they burn their main source of funds, and risk angering the many, very powerful domestic Wahhabis, who own and run so many important Sunni mosques.

Times have changed. It's not like the 1970s and 1980s -- while Gulf Arabs are happy to pay the Brothers to make a mess elsewhere, or to work with them in matters of high finance and money laundering, the Ikhwan are no longer much welcome when it comes to corrupting local Muslims. Most modern Saudi youth now think of Said Qutb as a heretic, and their clerics concur. Meanwhile, the Ikhwan just stare and ask, "What's wrong? What'd we do? Can't we all just get along?"

It'll be interesting to see if the Brothers can work with the salafis in Egypt. I doubt it, especially once the economy finishes collapsing.

The rift between Wahhabis and Ikhwan needs to be exploited.

Heck, let's throw the Twelvers in the cage, too.


Typical terrorist supporters

Submitted by TaterSalad, Oct 19, 2011 18:29

These people are nothing but terrorist supporters. Long live Israel !


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