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what is going on ?

Submitted by perry w. babb, Dec 7, 2015 19:56

It totally amazes me that this is going on, I am not going to put another democrat in office for another 4 years. if watching and monitoring muslims and there groups is going to save us. so be it, but lets be clear , if you have muslims that want to go radical because of what a contender says, there loyalty is not well placed in this usa, it's a mess,obama is not solving our problems. Mark my words there is over 100 million Americans that own guns and they will not vote to give them up with radical jihads muslims in America, Cair is not teaching what how to be at peace with the west, but to change us, this is and will allways be a Christian nation, Obama can not change our Christian nation by words. continue praying for peace in the east and Jesus will open the eyes of the lost before He returns.



Sep 22, 2013 23:39

beware America islamofascism is exactly what happened in Europe in the Forties: a fith column planned by Hitler. In the name your 1st Amendment terrorism has the capacity to manipulate and lie to medias, minds and governments ; islamofasicme is like a metastased cancer, you don't know you have it until one day it is TOO LATE !



Submitted by Robert Miller, Sep 20, 2013 19:21

The FBI needs to investigate ALL connections with anything to do with CAIR AND the Muslim Brotherhood! Members need to be rooted out, removed from office, any public office, they need to be arrested, deported, jailed, whatever, but remove them from our midst!



Submitted by Nottaturk, Sep 20, 2013 19:04

CAIR was instrumental in purging the FBI training manual from specific association of Islam with any terrorist activities, just as they oversaw the purging of the official report on the Fort Hood shooting by jihadist Nidal Hassan.

I heard of at least one regional FBI director who, when confronted by a former terrorism adviser to the Pentagon, would not dispute that field agents would be ignored when bringing intel on anything Islamic.

That particular adviser, along with others who would not "dance", were dismissed by the Obama administration.

I would say CAIR has been very effective and instrumental in placing MB associates in key positions of political and bureaucratic import. If it gets through the CAIR filter, there isn't enough substance to investigate.



Submitted by Victor Barney, Sep 20, 2013 15:25

Isn't it very interesting that a CIA man now HEADS the FBI? I'm just saying...


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perry w. babb 

Dec 7, 2015 19:56

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Sep 22, 2013 23:39

CAIR SCHMAIR [43 words]

Robert Miller 

Sep 20, 2013 19:21


malak guirgis 

Sep 29, 2013 20:01

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Sep 20, 2013 19:04

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Victor Barney 

Sep 20, 2013 15:25

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Sep 20, 2013 14:15



Sep 20, 2013 12:45

insabordination in the ranks. [16 words]


Sep 20, 2013 12:18

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