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CAIR Video presentation - what to do if approached by LAW ENFORCEMENT

Submitted by Josh, May 3, 2012 04:05


1 hour presentation by CAIR St Louis - watch the whole thing, including the last 2.5 minutes


Resistance has special meaning.

Submitted by CPR, Jan 16, 2011 23:56

By saying "build a wall of resistance" CAIR is aligning itself with groups such as Hamas and Hizballah in a way that will be apparent to its target audience, but not as obvious to other observers. Hizballah originally used the description Islamic Revolution in Lebanon -- at a time when it was not as concerned about aligning itself directly with the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and at time when the word "Revolution" was appealing to left-wing westerners. But as that term became less palatable, they adopted Islamic RESISTANCE in Lebanon, and now, just the Lebanese Resistance or Muqawama. They applied the term "resistance" to appeal to an Arab and Sunni audience that is wary of their Iranian origins. They express their support for all "resistance" groups -- i.e. anyone fighting Israeli and US "occupation". Thus, they had a conference of resistance groups last year that openly supported Americas enemies around the world, including extremist Palestinian groups, the Taliban, the Mahdi Army, Hamas, etc.

Thus when CAIR says build a wall of Resistance, their target audience understands exactly what they are saying: support terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizballah by obstructing FBI attempts to investigate them. This picture does not just speak 1,000 words about CAIR'S attitude to law enforcement. It speaks 1,000 words about CAIR's solidarity with terrorist, anti-American groups like Hamas and Hizballah, and PFLP and FARC.


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