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Neck and Neck

Submitted by Infovoyeur, Apr 27, 2014 16:58

Brandeis officials may be dhimmies or fearful--or they may "simply" or mainly be massively non-informed about the War against us. It took me years (off and on) to find and digest the true story (which is indeed that "World War IV" for a global caliphate is underway--III being communism, II Nazism). Stay tuned--which will emerge? A "critical mass" of awareness in U.S.A., or CAIR etc. continuing Subversive Jihad effectively?


CAIR Wins Again

Submitted by DockyWocky, Apr 11, 2014 11:11

The education cartel, and especially the Joos of the education cartel, had better make up their minds about which side they are on, and do it soon. Any more victories for islamic savagery and these typical examples of defective liberal protoplasm are going to wake up some morning to find a sharp jamiba slicing into their chicken necks as a reward for their undying support of primitive islamic causes. I suspect this is the same genetic defect in the thought process that kept so many European Joos from bugging out when bugging was an option. Same genetic defect. Different Joos.


Brandeis Flap Marks Another Win For Islamist Intimidation

Submitted by Barbara Griffith, Apr 10, 2014 23:18

countries don't dare say one word against the Muslims or the crimes they commit on a daily basis. You are instantly attacked as a bigot and as suffering from Islamophobia which

is not tolerated at all. With the Muslim students private clubs on campuses all over the US that practice on a daily basis their hatred for the Jewish students you would think the college administrators would see what is going on and disband the student organizations, but they won't.

Once Obama is out of office at least the Muslim Brotherhood employees will lose their jobs and the FBI can have their training manual reprinted with the information they need to track down terrorists again. What I will never understand is why Cair is allowed to be in the US at all? Its well known who and what they are but they are still here secretly funding Hamas and none of the our reps or senators seem to care at all. This is one of the reasons I feel more like our government is run more like a crime syndicate that a government for the people.


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