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Press TV is the IRGC sponsored hate USA machine

Submitted by Arash Irandoost, Feb 1, 2012 04:23

Thank you very much for the interesting article. This station was recently banned in UK for breaking journalistic rules, hopefully US will follow suit, though I am not hopeful. There are really two broadcasts like this, one is Press TV and another one is Russia Today (RT). After watching them for a couple of programming the extent of bias and hatred toward the American government is very obvious. Hopefully their audience are smart enough to see through it. It is a gathering of IRAN and Islam apologists bellyaching with what is wrong with the United States while they kill their and rape their own citizens daily. I am for freedom of speech, but I am sure that neither one of these countries will want the US to broadcast similar propaganda driven and biased programming against their governments into their country. After all should it not freedom of speech cut both ways? As an Iranian opposition, I would love to show case Iranian regime's reign of terror and violation of human rights without jamming across Iran. But we are too politically correct, to counter their propaganda machine in this country.


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