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Why is Hamas singled out?

Submitted by Y Brandstetter MD, Sep 2, 2010 04:09

Hamas is no more and no less a terrorist organization than all the other Arab Muslim organizations prevalent in the Middle East, from IHH to the PLO. Hamas is actually the democratically elected choice of the Arabs residing west of the Jordan River, whether Israeli citizens or not, an as such must be accorded greater respect than the PLO which lost the elections and is holding on to power solely on US and Israel support with no popular backing whatsoever. Once you designate Hamas as terrorist, you must designate all the others chiefly the PLO headed by abu Mazen as equally terrorist and stop funding them. if you fund thhe PLO I can see no moral reason not to fund Hamas, or use Hamas connections as a pretext to disallow a certain Islamist from being funded by public funds.

The fact that Israel accords the PLO legitimacy while calling Hamas a terrorist organization is nothing but a ploy used by successive israeli governments to maintain the myth that Peace with islam is a viable option.


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